Friday, 4 December 2015



RTI can be used effectively in your fight against false matrimonial disputes especially when false criminal cases have been pressurized upon you. 

So, if false allegations have been made upon you then you can take the help of RTI's as follows:-

RTI on Police to seek Action Taken Report based on your evidences.

RTI to seek ATR for complaints/ representations filed by you.

RTI on Opposite Party to expose her lies

RTI on OP to get her salary certificate

RTI on UNIVERSITY to expose her lies vis-a-vis maiden name usage i.e., concealment of her true legal identity which is synonymous for identity fraud.

RTI on Sub-Registrar office to find out details of her property & any name fraud therein done by her within any transfer of her property to fetch maximum maintenance from you.

RTI on RTO if she conceals her true legal identity to get a driving licence issued in her name.

RTI on RPO to get her passport details.

RTI on AERO to trace whether she changed her domicile which means technically DV does NOT stands up.

RTI on Pension PPF & related authorities.

RTI on TEP, RTI+TEP, RTI within TEP or TEP within RTI in order to get her lies exposed via Income Tax Authorities.

RTI on MLC & many more.

If anyone wants to get expert RTI/ FAA & SAA drafted then only Hon'ble Atur Chatur Sir is the right authority to be approached as he himself used RTI to fight false criminal cases &got immense success. He can be contacted through his regular email id:-